An interactive display without touch

Newline is known globally for being a leading provider of innovative, high-quality collaboration solutions that help organizations save time and be more successful. Up until now, Newline solutions have all had interactivity at their core, acting as the driving force behind the technological benefits.

Considering its history of interactive collaboration products, Newline surprised many when it released its first non-touch display, the brand-new NT Series.

Video Conferencing, Interactive Whiteboards and Wireless Presentation.

The NT Series is an innovative non-touch display designed for large-scale collaboration. Created with the needs of today’s teams in mind, the NT Series is built to provide all the collaborative tools a TV screen lacks.

Naturally, you might find yourself wondering… if interactivity empowers collaboration, why did Newline make a non-touch display? The answer is simple: because teams need it. The NT Series lets you focus on just the tools you need to succeed.

The NT Series is especially designed for teams who need all the collaborative features of an interactive display, but do not actually require interactive touch. For teams that simply need a large display to wirelessly cast their work, give presentations to a large room, or discuss a project from their seats, interactive touch is a powerful but often unnecessary feature.

To fill the market gap and provide these teams with the perfect solution, Newline equipped the NT Series with all the tools necessary for large-scale collaboration, and simply skipped the touch.

Video Conferencing, Interactive Whiteboards and Wireless Presentation.

A brilliant large-scale display

The NT Series display is available in 85” and 98” sizes, making it a perfect solution for large-scale presentations, lessons and all-around collaboration. Its slim frame design is reminiscent of a modern painting frame, giving the display a sophisticated and elegant feel. The NT Series is an ideal upgrade for outdated whiteboard and projector setups. Stunning 4K resolution and Wide Color Gamut bring vivid, high-quality images to every seat in the room. For frequent usage, the blue light filter of the NT Series protects eyesight and ensures more comfortable viewing.

Powerful software solutions already built in

Newline Cast provides the NT Series with embedded wireless casting, meaning personal devices can easily be projected onto the big screen wirelessly for seamless collaboration and smooth presentations. With Newline Cast, presenters no longer have to worry about cables or walking up to the display. Freely cast content from your personal device onto the NT Series, no matter where you sit in the room.

Also built into the NT Series is Newline Broadcast, which enables the display screen to be broadcasted in real-time to any participant connected. Attendees can view the content right on their personal devices for maximum convenience, getting a clear look at every detail presented even from the furthest seat in the back.

Collaborative connectivity for all

To enhance collaborative features, the NT Series comes with direct cloud access and file management. Users can manage files from the cloud directly on the display through Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive. Have secure access to all your important documents right on the NT Series even if you forget to bring your laptop along. Files can be viewed and shared through the display with a USB drive.

The NT Series also features a built-in microphone array to enable voice control and conference calls. To top it all off, Newline Display Management is also embedded, allowing you to manage your NT Series display from the comfort of your desk.

The debut of the NT Series proves that Newline is committed to providing innovative collaboration solutions that respond to the changing needs of the market. Newline offers a wide selection of collaborative solutions to help you upgrade your workspace and enable your teams to work better.

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