Now is the time to move to the cloud

UC&C dynamics are shifting. With the widespread availability of video collaboration tools on all manner of devices, the desktop now dominates. Video conferences are no longer confined to the boardroom, and rightly so. But this leaves video’s early adopters in a predicament.

Having invested heavily in high-tech, video-enabled conference rooms, many businesses are now finding those systems being hung out to dry with the threat of obsolescence a real possibility. Why? Because the video conferencing industry has been disrupted by the cloud. Thanks to the anytime, anywhere nature of cloud applications, we now expect to be able to take video meetings beyond the boardroom. We want video meetings on-demand, at the desktop and across all devices as well as in our meeting rooms.

And this is where most companies hit a bump in their UC&C journey. While video might work on the desktop and in the meeting room, getting them to work together is a challenge. This is because desktop video services are often silos; little (or in some cases very large) islands of communication with no means to join the video mainland of the meeting room, or in fact the rest of the world at large.

The StarLeaf OpenCloud is the communications cloud where everyone is invited. That means any desktop, device or video meeting room, even if that system is made by another manufacturer. As long as the video conferencing equipment uses industry standard H.323 or SIP protocols, or is a Skype for Business deployment, you can sign it up to the StarLeaf OpenCloud. This solves the problem of silos because it gets desktops and meeting rooms talking, both within and outside of your business.

And here’s a key point that’s often overlooked: many companies have a mixed environment. In a worst case scenario, some will have a mix of endpoints from different manufacturers scattered around their organization, and all the infrastructure that comes with it. This set-up is where the OpenCloud comes into its own, because this cloud is the only one that can manage all of these different endpoints, making these individual assets into one seamless video meeting environment. Because the OpenCloud is endpoint manufacturer agnostic, you will always get the best quality meeting room experience, including:

  • Directory support – your directories synced across all your devices and sites. The OpenCloud makes this happen by pushing directories to your endpoint.
  • Security – the OpenCloud allows your endpoint to accept incoming calls without opening up holes in your firewall.
  • Complete interoperability with every other provider, including Skype for Business.
  • Central management in one secure location.

Try it yourself! With a free trial of the StarLeaf OpenCloud, you can sign up as many of your video conferencing systems as you like to experience simple, seamless interoperability and really make the most out of your meetings.

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