StarLeaf Cloud 6.0

StarLeaf Cloud 6.0 – Coming soon!

What’s new for the StarLeaf app?

When you make a video call from StarLeaf on the desktop, you’ll see a brand new in-call menu at the top of your calling screen.

This menu delivers a whole raft of new features that make your StarLeaf experience even more intuitive.

Ad hoc meetings

You can now escalate a point to point call into an ad hoc meeting from within the StarLeaf app. It’s a quick and easy way to bring in the people you need to speak to whenever you need to.

Meeting participant management

In any StarLeaf meeting, you will find a new in-call participants menu. This allows you to easily view all meeting participants as well as add or remove participants. Find out more about meeting participant management here.

In-call meeting layout

In any StarLeaf video meeting, you now have the option to choose your preferred layout. You can choose from equal-sized panes for all speakers, speaker-only view, or the speaker as the largest pane. Some people find many panes distracting, while others prefer to have a complete picture, so these new options help to ensure that StarLeaf works the same way you do. Find out more about layouts here.

Call transfer

You can now transfer any call to any other contact from within the StarLeaf app. And, just like with StarLeaf meeting room systems, you can either put the call straight through to your contact, or you can check in with them first to see if they want to take the call.

StarLeaf is the only business-grade collaboration app that allows you to do this, it’s just one of the ways we keep you and your contacts connected and collaborating.

Call recording

If you subscribe to our video meeting recording service, StarLeaf Encore, you can now choose to stop or start recording your scheduled video meeting at any time from within the StarLeaf app. Perfect for when you only need to record part of a call, a shared presentation or for a record of attendees.

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