Thinker Connect: AI-powered Visual Collaboration Device for the New Hybrid Work Culture

Video Conferencing, Interactive Whiteboards and Wireless Presentation.

Thinker Connect, a visual collaboration device supports the easy transition to a hybrid workplace, improves collaboration, and ensures a productive environment for every team – in-house or remote globally.

Now, 2020 is half over and proved that location is not a barrier to perform a task. A majority of knowledge workers are sure to work the remaining half of the year from home or office or any third space – precisely in a hybrid workplace.

What is Hybrid Workplace?

The hybrid model supports work from office, home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space, encouraging people to operate in full capacity without restricting them to a certain place.
This way, people choose to come to the office because they want to, because they need to complete something or get something done or meet the client in-person, rather than an obligation.

Video Conferencing, Interactive Whiteboards and Wireless Presentation.

Thinker Connect:
A Visual Collaboration Tool for your moving Workplace

Promising to prepare the workforce for hybrid workplace culture, Cybernetyx has designed Thinker Connect, a device that ensures a smooth transition to get your workstation ready for a hybrid work environment, without restricting it to location.

How Thinker Connect works?

Thinker Connect brings touch interactivity on any monitor or screen with enterprise-level video conferencing. Invite your remote teams to join the meeting, co-annotate on the shared screen across different devices, with high-end audio and video features. Unlike Wacom Tablet, Thinker Connect allows teams to collaborate with teams through video conferencing with interactive capabilities, on a single device. Wacom tablets facilitate a two-way step to write or draw on the screen whereas Thinker Connect offers an intuitive and natural writing experience in a single step. Compatible with major collaboration software, Thinker Connect is good for home and office setup.

Impact of Thinker Connect during Hybrid Work

With proven capabilities of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, Thinker Connect solves many challenges of effective collaboration while working in Hybrid Model.

Natural User Touch Recognition

The advanced motion-sensing technology of EyeRIS® Sensor intelligently tracks the users’ pen gestures in real-time to perform touch interactivity on Thinker Connect, which enables seamless information control from any display. It gives freedom to write, draw, and annotate directly on the screen.


The 1080p camera ultra-wide-angle camera captures the participants irrespective of the place they sit, near of far from the table. The light optimizer in Thinker Connect captures participants in perfect light, even if you have joined the meeting from a dim-light room.


The most vital element of collaboration is the voice. Thinker Connect comes with a beamforming MEMS microphone array that has a pickup range of 5m with an omnidirectional response. The Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Direction of Arrival (DOA) feature focus the microphone directly on the speaker and suppress the background noise with Full-duplex Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC). So, don’t worry about your kid playing in the same room, you will still be loud and clear to everyone.

AI-Powered CUI

A virtual assistant to understand the intent of the user, dialogue management, and question-answer abilities has been incorporated into Thinker Connect, a conversational AI that has been developed using a powerful combination of AI and ML. With natural language processing technology, visual collaboration tools have developed conversational AI, which hears the conversation during collaboration and parses the information in the form of preparing automated MOM, scheduling meetings, and setting reminders.

Accelerate the productivity of your team working in Hybrid Model with Thinker Connect.

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