This Kandao 360° or 180° Webcam Could Be The Ideal Tool For Your New Hybrid Workplace

360 ° and 180° Video Conferencing Cameras are becoming more popular as they provide a more connected experience for users on the near and far end. 360° and 180° webcams are the new way of conferencing and there are not many models in the marketplace right now, but they are certainly worth looking at for your next webcam purchase.

A 360° view during a video conference around a table makes excellent sense now that we are all having to conduct meetings in socially distanced ways. Where a 180° also provides a more connected experience but with a front of room placement. The artificial intelligence cameras built into these cameras are fairly sophisticated for a decent 360° or 180° video meeting experience, so they can sense who is talking and then zoom in on that speaker and activate multiple microphones pointing at the speaker that will pick up the speaker’s voice in the best possible way and providing a panoramic view at the same time.

The Kandao Meeting is a well-established product in this area with the Meeting Owl from Owl labs as the other contender. However, the Kandao Meeting is an all-in-one smart video conferencing device that combines an onboard OS with MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex, Starleaf, BlueJeans, Slack and additional apps which come pre-installed. Also, it includes a 360° or 180 ° webcam option, microphones and an all-round speaker that gives a 360° panoramic or 180° view of the room. Also, the Kandao meeting devices come with the neat feature of being able to record in-room sessions such as training, hearings, meetings or any type of in-room conversation onto a removable SD card. Therefore making the Kandao Meeting Pro and Meeting S the more favourable solutions in this area.

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Kandao Meeting Pro
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Kandao Meeting S

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